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Blackhound Rebrand and Product Expansion 2022

Mabank, TX – Blackhound Optics maker of quality scopes and the industry’s only scope manufacturer providing a complete mounting kit with every purchase announces a rebrand, new products, and new sales channels for 2022. These will all be proudly showcased at the 2022 NSSF SHOT Show, booth 43448.

Since beginning in 2018, Blackhound has found their consumers are a mixture of experienced shooters and newcomers to shooting sports. They want to dedicate their time to helping both segments grow in the space and to find their passion. With the rebrand, Blackhound introduces their new tagline of “Find Your Passion”. Whether someone has been shooting for decades or picked it up as a new hobby in the last few years, Blackhound will bring something to help them grow in the shooting sport world.

Addition rebranding includes an updated logo, to better support the Blackhound name and their dedication to providing quality and reliable products. Plus creating a more user-friendly website with new scope filter options, additional product details, and tailored dealer listings.

The rebranding will not affect the quality of optics their consumers have grown to know and love, and what has become a key feature for all Blackhound rifle scopes, their products will continue to be sold as the complete package which includes; mounting rings, leveling bubbles and torque specs. They are pleased to continue the growth of their brand by introducing four new product lines at SHOT Show this year.

Dealers and media are invited to the Blackhound booth to check out the new Emerge line of rifle scopes featuring premium Japanese HD glass and custom etched reticles with illumination. This line will be the flagship of the Blackhound brand, and will be supported by their Evolve and Genesis lines of rifle scopes. Finally, they will be bringing electro optics to the market and a full line of accessories.

Blackhound Optics launched their brand with the goal of bringing the highest quality of optics to end users, they remain committed to that pursuit, but will be opening the door to more traditional industry dealers. They will offer competitive margins and terms, as well as easy to use warranty claims for all their dealers. Stop by the booth at SHOT Show to learn more about partnering with Blackhound Optics.

About Blackhound

Blackhound Optics is dedicated to making quality optics that help consumers find their passion in all shooting sports arenas. Backed by their Lifetime Promise – Blackhound Optics is committed to providing users the best quality optics on the market at the highest value possible. Right down to the torque specs, Blackhound Optics is the only optics company in the industry that provides the complete scope package with every scope purchase. Blackhound Optics is committed to helping you Find Your Passion. For more information, visit the company website at or email us at [email protected].