When was the last time your store brought in revenues after a customer left without purchasing?

It’s no secret that brick & mortar stores have been supporting their online competitors, facilitating product research in-store for purchases ultimately made online. Once the prospective customer has left the store, it’s most likely they will purchase elsewhere.

Blackhound Optics’ Stocking Dealer Program provides multiple revenue opportunities for customers who purchase in-store, or online purchase after they have left – providing twice the revenue-generating power of traditional programs.

ADDITIONALLY… if one or more Blackhound Optics SKUs aren’t moving as well as others – we will replace your stagnant stock with the SKUs your customers want – at no charge.

Stores with ranges can also qualify for complimentary demo products, so their customers can experience the quality and accuracy of Blackhound Optics before they purchase a brand new item.

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In addition to becoming a Stocking Dealer, you will automatically be registered as a Virtual Dealer, allowing you to make additional revenues after a non-purchasing customer has left your store! In this next section, you will choose a unique URL extension/Dealer Code for online purchases.

Many Dealers have established social media handles or identities. Should this be the case for you or your organization, it is highly recommended that you select a URL Extension/Coupon Code that is identical to your social identity.

For applicants without established social media identities, it is recommended that you create a URL extension that best reflects your brand or name. Note: To ensure market viability, URL Extension/Coupon Codes are limited to 15 characters

John Doe = jdoe (i.e.

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