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Our loyalty to you is important, which is why we back all
Blackhound Optics with a lifetime warranty that is simple to use. If your scope breaks or does not perform, we will make it right. Simply send us the optic, we will assess if it is repairable, and if not, we will replace it with a new one. It is that easy. Life is complicated, optics should not be, and neither should using a warranty.

The Blackhound Optics Lifetime warranty cannot be used on refurbished or previously owned products. We offer a 30-day no questions asked warranty on all refurbed or previously owned products.

Unrivaled Customer Service Response Time


Fully-Documented Quality Assurance Protocols


Testing. Testing. More Testing.

From pre-production virtual modeling to rigorous, ongoing impact, climate and function evaluation throughout each production cycle – Blackhound Optics is dedicated to providing factory-direct accuracy – on demand.

A Business Founded On Consumer Value

Before producing a single Blackhound Optics rifle scope, we engineered our business to deliver optimal value to shooters to deliver value with every shipment.

Our Promise

No matter if you purchased your Blackhound Optic scope direct, or an authorized dealer – our lifetime guarantee carries our promise to replace or fix your scope (free of charge) in the event of a defect or non-performance. (The lifetime warranty does not apply to refurbished or previously owned products.)